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DRA Hotshots stops at Emma Krumbee's Apple Orchard on the return trip from South Dakota

Emma Krumbee's Apple Orchard

Our DRA Hotshots driver made an early-morning delivery to South Dakota, giving her a little time to enjoy the scenes on the way back to Minneapolis. After a fast drive to Sioux Falls, she was ready to stop at Emma Krumbee's Apple Orchard for some pie and cider. Once she had her fill of fall apples, she made it back to Minneapolis, just in time to head to one of our favorite clients in Lakeville, Minnesota.

“The apple orchard was so fun,” she said. “There was a scarecrow festival, apple trees of course, and a great little restaurant all right there. I did some Halloween shopping in the general store, too.”

When making a delivery, DRA Hotshots drivers really have to get there fast. It’s the best way to live up to our name and to guarantee our clients receive their shipments on time. But every now and then, once the job is done, a driver can take a leisurely drive back into town, stopping at the roadside attractions along the way. And while this isn’t for everyone, some drivers consider it a perk of the job.

The Midwest is packed with pull-off-the-road sites, including the American Gothic House in Iowa, Mount Rushmore in South Dakota, and the Jolly Green Giant in Minnesota. If there is time to pull off the interstate, taking in fall colors around Lake Pepin is really spectacular. This is all great when temperatures are warm, but if a driver has time to stop on the way back to Minneapolis in the winter, where? The House on the Rock in Wisconsin has our vote. Never short on entertainment, this kitschy site is a must-see any time of the year. Of course, none of this is do-able in a semi truck, but when making a hotshot delivery in a mini van or cargo van, and when time allows, a little break from behind the wheel has its advantages.

Well, we’d love to write more, but have to get back on the road. We’ll post something again soon.

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