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DRA Hotshots Stops at Lake Wobegon Regional Trail

DRA Hotshots stops at Lake Wobegon Trail

With plenty of sun and temperatures in the 60s and 70s, our DRA Hotshots drivers have had more opportunities to enjoy their journeys this fall. This bonus weather has made the trips easier and given us the impression that maybe we’ll have a shorter winter season with fewer icy roads to contend with. We’ll see.

A Saturday morning drive to Alexandria, Minnesota was colorful and warm enough for a stop on the way back to Minneapolis. After the delivery was made, our DRA Hotshots driver ate lunch in beautiful downtown Alexandria. While the visit was brief, our driver was impressed with all the bars, restaurants and stores in the historic part of the city. Alexandria is also known for its lakes, which offer plenty swimming, fishing and boating in the summer. And once the snow flies, ice fishing and skating.

After a quick lunch in Alexandria, our DRA Hotshots driver took a stroll down Lake Wobegon Regional Trail. Located about 35 miles southeast of Alexandria, this trail is named after the fictional lake in Garrison Keillor’s “A Prairie Home Companion.” Forty-six miles of bituminous pathway extends through Central Minnesota, offering safe and scenic recreation for bikers and hikers, and snowmobilers in the winter.

“I caught the tail end of the fall color season, but it was still warm and beautiful,” said the driver.

Getting out and walking is always good after a long drive, and when we can do it at these great Midwest roadside attractions, even better! We can’t wait to see where our next trips take us, and we hope for some good ones before winter arrives.

Until next time, safe and happy driving.

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