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Ice Fishing Eagles

It seems Minnesotans and Wisconsinites aren’t the only ones who love ice fishing. Eagles are trying their luck, too.

The backwaters of the Mississippi near La Crosse make awesome fishing holes for eagles. So do the frozen areas of the river near Lake City. On a recent trip, our driver saw dozens of eagles along the way standing on broken ice staring intently into chilly waters.

This spectacular sighting is just another of the small, but maybe not so small benefits of being a DRA Hotshots driver. The only frustration is not being able to pull off the road at times like this to get a really great picture.

Nevertheless, witnessing these incredible birds soaring in open skies conjures up feelings of freedom and amazement, causing us to slow down and take in the moment.

It’s no surprise the bald eagle was chosen by congress in 1789 as the national bird of the United States. Revered for its great strength, majestic looks and fierce hunting abilities, this massive bird of prey has been an American icon almost since the birth of the nation.

Cheers to organizations like Raptor Center in St. Paul and National Eagle Center in Wabasha for helping these magnificent birds. Check out their web sites to learn all kinds of interesting eagle facts, and information on how to plan a visit. Or, simply stop and look up the sky on your next escape from the city. If you’re close to a lake or river (and who isn’t in Minnesota and Wisconsin), chances are, you’ll see our nation's birds soaring overhead.

As for DRA Hotshots, we’re back on the road keeping our customers satisfied and looking for the next unforgettable sighting.

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