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Deliveries into Canada? DRA Hotshots has you covered.

Canada Image

O Canada, how your home and native land have welcomed us. DRA Hotshots is delivering into Canada more and more often, making us experts in that complicated border services process.

Customs brokers, shippers and carriers work together using the Pre-Arrival Review System (PARS) to submit shipment release information to Canada Border Services Agency for approval before the goods arrive at the border. This allows for more efficient shipment release processes for Canada-bound freight.

Based in Minneapolis, DRA Hotshots usually drives into Ontario, Manitoba and Saskatchewan. As soon as we accept a load going into Canada, we process and provide the required documentation for customs clearance to ensure a smooth border crossing.

At DRA Hotshots, we are committed to delivering fast, efficient service for our customers, whether across the Midwest or to our nation’s northern neighbors.

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